Mystic Hope

I forge my course along the passage and through the garden of the immense covered lanai that encompasses the rear of the cottage. My mind travels back to a life before the melancholy and lingers until it delivers me back to the present. I sense myself drifting toward the fresh dawn with hope building in my heart. In the distance, is a narrow creek boiling over sleek rocks of many sizes and shapes.

I hear the music of the murmuring water like a cleansing fluid surging through my being. I see the flicker of the new day on the surface of the churning pool underneath the frothing waterfall. I crave to plunge in and experience the quiet healing of my spirit. At the rim of the water, I drop to my knees in the rich, graceful, spring grass. The pungent scent of the dark succulent blades wafts up filling my senses with memories of early experiences, dispelling the deep impressions still engraved in my ailing mind. How I long to remain here in this miserable heap until I am complete again.

I pull a single new blade from the mass. A small droplet shimmers down its shaft and onto my trembling fingers. A quiver passes through me like a healing bolus as I draw the jade amulet to my nostril. The fragrant freshness lifts me to a plane distant from the menacing ache which drove me out into the early morning and returned me to this haven of hope. The brilliant reverie advances through the dense webs of old wounds casting its curative spells as it elevates melancholy to awareness.

I realize a tender love washing through me, closing the cavern left by harsh malevolence, warming my inner being. Emotion is so alive inside me; it is intrinsic to my understanding. There is a yearning in my heart to go on here in this rapture until I am positive of its presence. This beautiful sanctuary of love and hope is undeniable. I can feel it to my core. My world can be like this. Broken hearts can mend even though words cannot be unsaid, or actions undone.

The time has come to leave behind the delightful refuge of this warm immature lap and return to the existence that is my world. This I shall do with a renewed resolve; symbolized by the healing influence of the soothing unripe blade, which I still clutch in my trembling fingers. The little green blade reminding me of the restoring promise of a resplendent spring dawn, in an enchanting forest, next to a mystical rushing stream.