Interests, Hobbies, or Passions?

It came to my attention in years past that computers interest me. When I acquired my first computer over twenty years ago I found that I was fascinated by it, although I wouldn’t say that I’m passionate about it. It started me down a new road of discovery and learning. I use it every day for one thing or another. If I don’t need to do my accounting or some equally mundane task, I use my computer for some more pleasurable enterprise. I can spend hours on Facebook, or be exchanging emails with friends and family or surfing from one link to another with gazillions of websites from which to choose. The computer has afforded many more reading sources and opportunities and made writing even more fun. But my favorite use for my computer is doing research for a writing project and working on my latest story, which brings me to the subject of writing. 

My writing started as an interest, but it developed into a hobby and metamorphosed into a real passion. It is difficult for me to separate my interests from my hobbies from my passions. It seems that if I’m not passionate about something I never really develop a strong interest in it, much less make it a hobby. 

I run, swim, bike and workout; granted, not to the extent that I did in the past. You might think of these things as hobbies, but I see them as sports and something that I do to stay fit. I do them because I feel that I must, not because I particularly enjoy or look forward to it. I will qualify that last statement by saying that there are times when I do really enjoy, even look forward to one or all of these things.  

There was a time when I did many races, strictly amateur, of course, involving running and biking. I had a multitude of trophies that would attest to this, as did my husband and many others in our running club. At that point in time, I would have referred to the races as a fun hobby. 

My interests and hobbies have changed over the years. There was a time when I enjoyed macramé and ceramics, counted cross stitch and sewing, but no more. I’m sure most peoples’ interests change over time. 

The one hobby that has stayed with me throughout the years is reading. I always enjoy reading a good book. Even as a small child I enjoyed reading. In elementary school, I always earned the Reading Circle Certificates. I believe it’s my passion for reading that led to my love of writing.  

The computer gives me many venues and outlets to write. Would I have developed an interest in writing if I hadn’t gotten that first computer all those years ago? Maybe, maybe not; but as it turns out writing is, above all, my primary interest, my most important hobby, and my greatest passion.